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Alpha Omega roofing Raleigh NC company provides numerous commercial and industrial roofing services. We use the highest quality in roofing materials and top-grade engineering to meet your professional roofing standards. For instance, we use a reflective coating on commercial roofs as a cost-effective means to enhance longevity and lessen internal temperature.
why choose Value?
At Alpha Omega Roofing & Siding, we are dedicated to making all of your home improvements a personal and friendly venture. We are a family-owned and operated business, that has been established since 1985. We stand behind our work and have a 100% Workmanship Guarantee or your money back. We are active members of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

Why Choose House Siding For Your Raleigh NC Roof?

Maintain a fresh, new look to the exterior of your home
Increase insulation values by up to 25%.
50% noise reduction
300%impact resistance.
Guaranteed to let your home breathe
Resists damage from cold, windy Raleigh NC climates
Resists damage from wet, humid climates
Fire resistant roofing
Resists insect damage
Easy to clean roofs

Whether its shingles, asphalt shingles, waterproofing, repairs of small leaks, or any reroofing job that you have, we are the ones to talk to. We’ve got over 20 years of experience in the business and have seen it all, and done it all. We believe in customer service, and our regular customers know that we treat them like people and not just a number.

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Welcome to Emergency Services Roofing. We never close and are open 24 hours a day/365 days a year offering a prompt 1-hour service for your home, commercial business, property or vehicles.

Roof Specialists, You Can Trust

All Services are provided by our reliable trained operatives.

We have been working throughout the Raleigh NC for over 30 years offering a genuine local service by trusted professional tradespeople and operatives.

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Our full network of services is backed up by a 24-hour call center for local coverage all year round, so we can provide a complete range of services for your properties and vehicles at your convenience.
Roofing and Contracting after more than a decade of roofing experience Alpha Omega Raleigh NC has you covered. When spending thousands of dollars on a new roof, you want the best product possible.

A large roofing company will send a salesman to talk to the customer and estimate the roof but send a different crew altogether to do the work.

At Alpha Omega roofing and contracting, the person you talk to about your roof is the same person who’ll be putting on the new roof. We keep a small number of employees, so quality can be monitored closely. I know what it takes to be a good roofer and only hire people who are fit to do it.