Canada’s Petley-Jones Takes Lead after 6 Races

Evan Petley-Jones’ Lifted, Bow 44

If good things come to those who wait, then Evan Petley-Jones’ Lifted is the perfect example on day three of the J/24 World Championship in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Sixty-three teams waited out multiple hours of an on-water postponement, hoping for enough breeze to get a start off. Finally around 3:30 p.m., light winds allowed two more races to be completed, which brought into effect the discard. Petley-Jones’ Lifted tallied a 7,1 on Thursday to leap into first place overall, able to drop a 39 from race 1. Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet fell to second place with 32 points. John Mollicone’s Helly Hansen launched up to the third spot with 33 net points after tossing a 52 from Tuesday. Six races are now finalized. The competitors from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru and the USA started race 5 in about 5 knots, when Nobuyuki Imai’s Siesta collected the win. Mollicone and Ted Bartlewski’s Drivers Wanted followed. Looking at Petley-Jones cross the finish line first in the next meeting were David Klatt’s Jaded and Travis Odenbach’s HoneyBadger when winds increased slightly. Racing continues through Saturday from Port Credit Yacht Club. Complete results may be found at the event website.    (Thanks to Chris Howell, IJCA, for this great on-water summary.)

Editor’s Note:
While the discard after 5 races created a lot of moves in placement, Tony Parker’s Bangor Packet has remained in the top two throughout the championship, even without the drop. Tony Parker of Washington D.C., is the most seasoned racer on the course, sailing 1978 hull #58 (Bow#23, below), testimony to the J/24’s quality and ruggedness, and of course the skill and consistency of Tony and his crew at this event. Tony is a five-time winner of the J/24 US East Coast Championship (which he has sailed 38 times!).