Travelling to Canada

You must meet some basic requirements to travel to Canada. Please check here to confirm about Visas and or other required documents.

  1. Have a valid travel document
  2. Be in good health
  3. An address of where you will be staying while at the Regatta
  4. Have enough money for your stay – we use Canadian dollars.

Colourful picture of Canadian plastic money and coinsYou can be inadmissible to the country for several reasons, including being involved in:
– Criminal activity
– Human rights violations
– Organized crime.

Go here for more information about travel, Visa requirements and inadmissibility issues (source: Government of Canada):

Things to Remember:Picture of passport

Boat owners must have:

  1. Proof of Class Membership
  2. Insurance Certificate for your boat
  3. If you are trailering a boat, have proof of ownership.

Good to Have or Know:

It makes sense to get personal health insurance for the duration of your trip. (Don’t forget about our non-compulsory ball hockey tournament, or what a boom can do to a person’s head; we had some issues at the J/24 NA’s due to wild weather.)

picture of used hockey sticksAs many previous competitors know, a fun street hockey tournament has been held annually at Worlds. You won’t need hockey equipment – it is being supplied by the City of Mississauga.

Have a good journey!