Longevity – Juicing For Health, Nutrition, and Exercise

Juicing for the sake of fitness. Let’s take a second look at that expression. Why are we juice, I mean? Is it that we love our magnificent countertops? No. (Some cheap juicers sound like broken mufflers’ muscle cars) Is it because we like to see vegetables and fruit cut into a wooden chipboard and diced like wood? No, even though in the first few weeks it really looks cool.:). Is it for the flavour? Maybe, but the fact is that any supermarket juice can also taste fantastic, and it’s definitely easier to buy a jug from your shop than to make it yourself. Indeed, apart from the flavour, the only reason we follow a juicing lifestyle is because we are searching for the many health advantages of making our wonders.

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Then the debate turns: is juicing appropriate for health? Response: definitely not. If longevity and true long-term health benefits really are to be accomplished, juicing becomes one piece of the longevity and health puzzle. We humans have to do certain daily stuff to keep their bodies as primed as possible, something that is unrelated to Doritos, TV addictions or Pizza Hut (even though that is just terrific). The argument is that if we juic, we can just eat the right food, get up and walk with a dose of everyday practise and ensure that we have proper rest. If not, I can give you today a Twinky / Chocolate / Haagen Dazs juicing recetpe;);

Today, depending on your ambitions, having and remaining as safe as you can be either rocket science or as easy as 2 + 2=4. For example, someone whose particular fitness objective is to look like a 300-strong cast member has made a far greater weightlifting commitment than someone who just wants their internal organs to stop melting. For most of us, we’re in the midst of a photo spread in Muscle and Fitness magazine and a couch potato. That said, both fitness objectives are aimed at improving the same three health areas in order to achieve the desired results. These areas are as follows:

Exercise and wellness


Rest of consistency

For some of you, I just took another “Captain Obvious” moment by mentioning what should be elementary. But for others, I really do have to note the need and equal value of these three fields, because there really are kind people who, wrongly, hope to become the next Lance Armstrong either by juicing for fitness, or by working out incessantly. Case in point: a 20-year-old man who comes to our gym every day, works for at least 90 minutes every time, just finished moaning that he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. After talking to him for a few minutes, my partner and I found that he was eating anything and all, using salt and sugar with casual abandonment. I know what you’re thinking, and no, this guy wasn’t dropped on his head like a child. He obviously never understood the golden rule that optimal wellbeing requires more than bench presses and squats. In reality, you’d be shocked how many people expect a good daily exercise to remove the need to eat properly.

At any point, if you really want to get the most out of your safe lifestyle juicing, please don’t just stop at juicing. Take 45 minutes to get involved every day. Do an abs workout, sit down and crank 45 minutes of rowing. Go down the street to the gym and play a squash game with your mate. (BTW, squash is a blast, try it out). Get the right diet programme, follow the steps and guides. And after every day, make sure you wind down properly, relax, meditate and sleep for 8 hours. If you have some sleeping problems (I have recently) there are a multitude of great places available that teach natural remedies and treatments for sleeplessness. I can’t emphasise enough how important sleep is to maintain good health. So underestimated, the regenerative capacity of sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

If you’re on the fence to take the final step towards personal Uber-greatness, just look around the internet, check out quality pages, and try what they say. Much of the health and diet plans are NOT rocket science at all. A lot of people work like gangbusters. The argument is that if you’re juicing for fitness and don’t take the extra mile, start right now. No, really. Right now, man. It’s the people of February, one month gone. 2011 is not meant to be about wasting more time until you get to it. So take the people down! Longevity is a target that can be accomplished.

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