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Making Your Mobile Phone More Eco-Friendly

We don’t think our cell phones are especially harmful to the climate. The problem is, however, that we prefer to keep our mobiles only for a short time. Some reports indicate that mobile telephone owners upgrade every year to better versions. That means we throw a lot of cell phones away. And that’s really bad for the climate, of course.

Fortunately, we can all take measures to reduce the detrimental effect on the ecosystem of discarded cell phones. And it begins with the recycling of all these unwanted cell phones.

The nature of the issue

Of the 140 million cell phones disposed of in 2007, 126 million were actually dumped into the trash.

Our sites are constantly crowded with abandoned cell phones. And sometimes these phones contain harmful chemicals like mercury, cadmium and lithium. These chemicals can spill into the earth and end up in nearby rivers, rivers or streams.

In the United Kingdom, only 14 million outdated cell phones were recycled. This is extremely depressing; it only accounts for 10% of the mobiles that customers have thrown out.

To make a difference

However, you can make a difference. You should take action alone to keep your cell phone out of a landfill at least.

Trying to be eco-friendly? You should start with your choice of new phone |  Living

The most obvious move is for a longer period of time to use your existing cell phone. The new mobiles on the market will look at their new features and applications. But how many new features do you need?

If more people were to use their mobile telephones for three years or more, the number of telephones thrown away will decline significantly every year.

You will still do well in the world when you need to switch to a new cell phone. Many voluntary and nonprofit organisations, in order to recycle used mobiles, have their own smartphone recycling programmes. They then give them to people who can not afford to buy their own cell phones.

Check for these charities and give them your old cell phone. You will do a charitable act for the world as well as for someone who is less fortunate.

Recycle your handset

The major cell phone manufacturers also understand the issue of discarded mobiles. This is why many of them have developed their own retrieval programmes.

As the name suggests, when buyers switch to newer models, manufacturers take back old versions of their cell phones. These manufacturers would then recycle their cell phones.

Many municipalities, too, have days to pick up cell phones. They would pick up all old cell phones – usually other outdated electronic items – and avoid them from ending up in landfills during those days. They either donate old telephones to charity or give them to be recycled.

Allow additional money by recycling your cell phone

Finally, you submit your unwanted cell phone to a variety of private firms specialising in smartphone recycling.

These businesses are best of all going to pay you cash for the old cell phones.

Only check the Internet for cell phone recycling firms. Find the logo of your phone until you find one you want. Click on it, and you will be offered by the company. If you like the price, accept the bid and wait until the company sends you a padded envelope.

Then you put your phone inside the envelope and return it to the company. You will normally collect your negotiated payment within seven business days.

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