J24 Worlds Official Registration Listing

J/24 Worlds/17 – Official Registration – Paid
Registration is defined as paid registration. Please don’t dismay if you have your PayPal receipt and you are not shown below. Keep your PayPal payment notification as proof. We will update this listing in a timely manner. Updated: Sep.6/17 9:19 pm EDT.

ARG 5499 Elvis Nicolas Cubria
ARG 5463 Cacique Rodrigo Benedetto
CAN 5275 Journey Blair Dinsdale
CAN 3782 Smoke on the Water Brian Morris
CAN 3524 Toxic Avenger David Walters
CAN 3729 A-salt Edmond Rees
CAN 3778 Black Swan Eli Gershman
CAN 2019 Black Pearl II Eriks Kalvins
CAN 4025 Lifted Evan Petley-Jones
CAN 3470 Slipstream Ian Koster
CAN 3707 Quick Nick Katie Coleman Nicoll
CAN 3374 The PeaceMaker Lee Grant
CAN 2728 Cluster Matt Kenny
CAN 3935 GravelleWoodworking.com Michael Howarth
CAN 4140 Taz Nick Jako
CAN 3913 m2w Peter Dixon
CAN 5362 Clear Air Rossi Milev
CAN 3366 Premature grey Stephan Blais
CAN 1964 Drivers Wanted Ted Bartlewski
CAN 2577 A1 Thomas Taylor
CAN 2761 Humidor Tim Connolly
CAN 4412 Tequila Vince Somoza
GBR 4222 Rockley Watersports Andy Taylor
GER 5313 Juelssand Ann-Kathrin Frank
IRL 680 Scandal Lizzy McDowell
JPN 4886 LULL Ariko Murohashi
JPN 4855 Wailea Einosuke Morita
JPN 5185 Siesta Nobuyuki Imai
JPN 5449 Gekko Tokuma Takesue
KOR 7777 Summer Santa Gyeongwon Jo
MEX 4029 Monster Fish Kenneth Porter
PER 4916 Wayra Javier Arribas
PER 4618 Scaramoush Luis Olcese
USA 5257 Mental Floss Aidan Glackin
USA 3775 Blitz Alfred Constants
USA 1530 Mr. Hankey Andrew Carey
USA 3421 Suspence Carl Sheath
USA 2785 YouRegatta Carter White
USA 4047 Zoom Chad Olness
USA 267 BadMoon Christopher Holmes
USA 78 Buschwhacker Dan Busch
USA 2436 Jesus Lizard Daniel Borrer
USA 1892 Jaded David Klatt
USA 2918 Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team Erica Beck Spencer
USA 2736 Boreas Finn Hadlock
USA 2185 The Dumpster Frank Keesling
USA 3734 Miss Conduct James Freedman
USA 3004 Classic James Howard
USA 4453 Bearlymuven Lindsey Nahmias Turowski
USA 2365 Baba Louie Mark Laura
USA 4116 4116 Matthew Coughlin
USA 49 Ice Cube Michael Quaid
USA 5443 5443 Mike Ingham
USA 2502 Sugar Seth Rosenthal
USA 5235 Helly Hansen Mollicone Ogden
USA 627 Dragon Nick Woviotis
USA 5277 Bash Ron Medlin, Jr.
USA 5471 Tremendous Slouch Scott Milne
USA 3223 Spoony Tactics Todd Fedyszyn
USA 1731 Oz Tom Doran
USA 58 Bangor Packet Tony Parker
USA 5432 HoneyBadger Travis Odenbach
USA 5208 Bogus Will Welles

Six more boats have declared on Yacht Scoring and are expected to compete for a total of 68 boats racing. Entry fees must be paid before competing, at rates specified in the NOR.

Click here for YachtScoring registration site paid and unpaid entries listing.